Tentative Program

08:00AM - 17:00PM


09:00AM - 12:00AM

Final Selection of Winners

The 7th Asia –Pacific Young Entrepreneur Award (YILDIZ C)

The 8th Local Chamber Awards (KAFTAN)

09:00AM – 12:15PM

Parallel Breakout Sessions

These parallel breakout sessions focusing on three sectors each will feature sectoral roundtable discussions and concurrent sessions that will gather government and private sector leaders for dialogue and panel discussion and information sharing on important sectoral issues, as well as to explore possible areas of cooperation among CACCI members within the same sector.

09:00AM - 10:00AM

Group One

CACCI Women Entrepreneurs Council (MABEYN)
Session Chairman:
Mrs. Mukta Nandini Jain, Former President, FICCI Ladies
Organization; Chairperson, CWEC

- Mrs. Selima Ahmad, President, Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry
- Ms. Pacita Juan, Immediate Past Chairperson, ASEAN WomenEntrepreneurs Network and Immediate Past Chairperson, Women's Business Council Philippines
- Ms. Blesila Lantayona, Assistant Secretary, Department of Trade and Industry, Philippines
- Ms. Mine Ayhan, Chairperson of Generali Sigorta (Generali Insurance) and Chairperson of EuropAssistance Turkey
Asian ICT Council (YILDIZ AB)

Session Chairman:
- Dr. G. J. Huang, Chairman, International Integrated Systems, Inc., and Chairman, Asian ICT Council

- Mr. Martin Frick,Managing Director, Asia Pacific Temenos
- Mr. James Chiao, Chairman and CEO, Smart City Consulting Co.
- Mr. Fevzi Güngör, Vice Chairman, The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) E-Commerce Council

Asian Council on Health and Education (ENDERUN BALLROOM)

Session Chairman:
- Dr. Arash Anissian, Chairman, Asian Council on Health and Education; CEO, Ebn-e-Sina Hospital; Dean, Ebn-e-Sina Applied Science and Technology Educational Center; Deputy of Education, Iranian Medical Tourism Society

- Mrs. Priti Chakraborty, Chairman, Universal Medical College & Hospital Ltd., Director, FBCCI
- Dr. Bolormaa Batbayar, CEO, Mongol Em Impex Concern LLC
- Ms. Banu Küçükel, Deputy Chairwoman of the Board, Güven Hospital Inc.

10:00AM - 11:00AM

Group Two

Young Entrepreneurs Group Asia-Pacific (MABEYN)

Session Chairman:
- Mr. Mangesh Lal Shrestha, Member of the Advisory and Leadership Group and Former President, Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs Forum

- Mr. Rommel Sim Gerodias, CEO, Hauptmann Inc. and 2017 Chair of ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Council
- Mr. Roman Nikolaevic Bobylev,Founder and Head, Lozaholding 
- Mr. Md. Muntakim Ashraf, Vice President, Federation of Bangladesh CCIs
- Mr. Civan Sözkesen, President, Denizli Young Entrepreneurs Council

Asian Council on Tourism (YILDIZ AB)

Session Chairman:
- Mr. Anura Lokuhetty, Chairman, Asian Council on Tourism and Chairman, Red Apple Travels and Holidays Lanka Pvt. Ltd.

- Mr Thanongsinh Kanlagna, Executive Vice President, Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry
- Mr. Chandi Raj Dhakal, Vice President (Nepal Chapter), SAARC CCI
- Mr. Stuart Kenny, Senior Vice President, Chamber of Commerce Northern Territory
- Mr. Surenbaatar Nergui, Director, Business Development Division, Juulchin World Tours
- Ms. Marloes Knippenberg, CEO Kerten Hospitality
- Ms. Oya Narin, Vice President of Tourism Sector Council of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey(TOBB)

Asian Council on Trade Facilitation (ENDERUN BALLROOM)

 Session Chairman:
- Mr. R. B. Rauniar, Chairman, Asian Council on Trade Facilitation and Managing Director, Interstate Multi-Modal Transport Pvt. Ltd.

- Mr. Bryan Clark, Director, Trade and International Affairs, Australian CCI
- Mr. Kok Keong Chong, Assistant CEO, Crimson Logic, and CEO, Global eTrade Services
- Dr. Esfandyar Omidbakhsh, Director General for Multilateral Trade Relations Dept., Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture
- Mr. A. K. M. Shaheed Reza, Director, Federation of Bangladesh CCIs
- Mr. Manish Singhal, Deputy Secretary General, International Affairs Division, Federation of Indian CCIs
- Ms. Aslı Gözütok, Manager of TIR and ATA Carnets Department of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB)

11:00AM – 11:15AM

Coffee Break (Conference Center Foyer Area) 

11:15AM - 12:15PM

Group Three

SME Development Council (MABEYN)

Session Chairman:
- Mr. George Abraham, Chairman SME Development Council and Chairman/Managing Director of GA Group

- Mr. Chandula Abeywickrema,Chairman, Lanka Impact Investing Network, and Chairman, CSR Lanka
- Mrs. Dhara Wijayatilake, CEO, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce
- Mr. Boldkhet Sereeter, Founder and Chairman, Naran Group
- Mr. Cahit Ceren, Manager of SME Research and Consultancy Center of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) (tbc)

Asian Council on Food and Agriculture (YILDIZ AB)

Session Chairman:
- Mr. Henry Kao, Chairman, I-Mei Foods Co. Ltd.; Member of APECBusiness Advisory Council; Chairman of CIECA

- Dr. Kuo-Ching Lin , Director, Food & Fertilizer Technology    Center for the Asian and Pacific Region
- Dr. Ali Shariati, Board Member, Confederation of Iranian Food Industry Associations
- Mr. Abdus Salam,President, Bangladesh Organic Products Manufacturers Association
- Mr. Dr. İrfan Demiryol, Advisor, Turkısh Food&Beverage Industry Employers Assocıatıon (TÜGİŞ

Asian Council on Water, Energy and Environment (ENDERUN BALLROOM)

Session Chairman:
 - Mr. Gyanendra Lal Pradhan, Executive Chairman, HydroSolutions Pvt. Ltd., and Chairman, Asian Council on Water, Energy and Environment

- Mr. Syed Mazhar Ali Nasir, Senior Vice President, Federation of  Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry
- Mr. Taif Bin Yousuf, Executive Director, Meghna Group of Industries
- Ms. Bengisu Özenç, Program Director, The Economic Policy Research Policy Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV)

12:15PM - 01:15PM

Lunch (Conference Center Foyer Area) 

01:30PM - 04:00PM

Final Selection of Winner for the 2nd Asia-Pacific Women Entrepreneur Award (YILDIZ C)


Policy Advocacy Working Group Meeting (ENDERUN BALROOM)

This session will review and finalize a paper focusing on a policy or policies of current interest to CACCI members and to the region’s business community as a whole, and for submission – along with their recommendations – to regional or multilateral organizations and to relevant government authorities for consideration and possible input into their policy-making endeavours.

Meeting Chairman: Mr. Bryan Clark, Director, Trade and International Affairs, Australian CCI


Discover Business Opportunities Through CACCI (MABEYN)

This session will feature the following: (a) country presentations by selected member chambers on current economic conditions in their respective countries and opportunities for trade and investments, or on special programs, projects, products or services that have benefited their members or the community they serve and may be adapted by chambers from other countries; and (b) invited CEOs of companies or successful entrepreneurs from various CACCI member countries who will share their success stories; the challenges they faced and how they overcame them; and/or their innovative business models

Country Presenters:
- Wellington Chamber of Commerce (New Zealand)

Presenter: Mr. John Milford, Chief Executive
  - Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Laos)

Presenter: Mr Thanongsinh Kanlagna, Executive Vice President
- Chamber of Commerce Northern Territory (Australia)

Presenter: Mr. Brian O'Gallagher, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
- Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Primorsky Region (Russia)

Presenter: Ms. Daria Stegniy, Advisor to the President
- Presidential Investment Office (Turkey)

Presenter: Mr. Ahmet Cüneyt Selçuk, Chief Project Director

Session Chairman/Moderator
Mrs. Magvan Oyunchimeg, CEO, Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Vice President, CACCI

02:30PM - 04:00PM

Advisory Board Meeting (Open only to Advisory Board members) (KAFTAN)

04:00PM - 05:00PM

Budget Commission Meeting (Open only to Budget Commission members) (KAFTAN)

05:00PM - 05:15PM

Coffee Break (Conference Center Foyer Area) 

05:15PM - 06:45PM

89th CACCI Council Meeting (ENDERUN BALROOM)

07:15PM - 09:30PM

Welcome Reception/Dinner (Sait Halim Pasha Mansion)

08:00AM - 05:00PM


The 32nd CACCI CONFERENCE (Ciragan Ballroom)


The Conference will identify measures that the business sector and governments in the region can undertake to address the challenges being faced by the global economy and take full advantage of the current opportunities offered not just by markets in the Asia-Pacific region but by countries in other parts of the world as well, thereby enabling them to grow and expand beyond the domestic borders and into the global market. Invited speakers will discuss how chambers and businessmen in the region can work closely together in defining a new role for the Asian business community in achieving a sustainable economic development, grasping common opportunities outside the usual geographical and technological boundaries, and managing shared risks and problems amid a rapidly changing world market, while playing a substantial, constructive and catalytic role in global economic growth.

10:00AM - 12:00PM

Opening Ceremony

- Welcome Statement from Mr. M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, President of The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), Vice President of the Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CACCI)

- Welcome Remarks from Mr. Jemal Inaishvili, President of the Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CACCI)

- Special Address by Ms. Ruhsar Pekcan, Minister of Trade, Republic of Turkey

- Special Address by H.E. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of the Republic of Turkey (tbc)

- Keynote Speech by Mr. Yi Xiaozhun, Deputy Director-General, World Trade Organization

- Presentation of Plaques of Appreciation to the High-Level Government Official and to the Keynote Speaker

11:00AM - 12:15PM

Coffee Break (Conference Center Foyer Area) 

12:15PM – 01:15PM

Plenary Session 1: The Changing Role of Chambers in Promoting Business (Ciragan Ballroom)

This session will feature speakers who will share their views on how SMEs can be assisted by chambers in their internationalization efforts and in becoming a part of Global Value Chains (GVCs). Within the scope of authentication issue and providing data, chambers have a critical role to expedite the process. They can cooperate on cross-border regulatory policy needs and therefore, facilitate cross-border trade.

Dr. Martin Wansleben - Chief Executive Officer of DIHK
George Abraham -  Managing Director, The GA Group Pte. Ltd.
Arnaldo Abruzzini - Chief Executive Officer, Eurochambres      
Philip Kucharski - Former Chief Operating Officer of the International Chamber of Commerce

Session Chairman/Moderator:
Pradeep Kumar Shrestha, Managing Director, Panchakanya Group and Vice President, CACCI

01:15PM - 02:15PM

Plenary Session 2: Innovation and Digitalization: Implications for Business (Ciragan Ballroom)

This session will examine how new technological revolution has directly transformed our lives and trade mechanisms. It should be realized that distributed ledger technologies have forced Asian developing countries to move from cross-border trade to fin-tech solutions. According to GVCs formation, service sector value added in manufacture industries should also be considered with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Mr. Ozan Acar - Head of Sectors and Entrepreneurship Department of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey
James Chiao - Chairman and CEO, Smart City Consulting Co.
Mitsutoshi Oriyama - Director for Trade in Service, Multilateral Trade System Department, Ministry of Economy, Trade amd Industry
(Topic: The new possibility of digital economy for economic development and looming digital protectionism)
Ma. Alegria Sibal-Limjoco, President, Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Session Chairman/Moderator:
Samir Modi, Senior Vice President, CACCI and Executive Director, K. K. Modi Group

02:15PM - 03:30PM

Lunch (Exhibition Hall or Ciragan Ballroom) 

04:00PM - 05:00PM

Plenary Session 3: Regional Integration and Connectivity for Sustainable Development (Ciragan Ballroom)

Invited speakers will elaborate on their perspectives as to why traditional shipping connectivity is not enough for Asian integration/transformation. Among others, they will explain how the One Belt, One Road Initiative is expected to bring in new transportation corridors and regulatory harmonization needs, why the latter is important for diversification of the Asian economies, and how at that point chambers could have a role to play to increase connectivity between Asian countries and the world.

Suraj Vaidya – Former President, FNCCI and President, Vaidya Organization of Industries and Trading Houses (VOITH)
Manjeet Kripalani – Executive Director, Gateway House, Indian Council on Global Relations
Ruwan Edirisinghe – SAARC CCI President and Chairman/Managing Director of RN Group of Companies
Session Chairman/Moderator:
Mr. Peter McMullin, Vice President, CACCI; Board Member, ICC Australia

05:00PM – 06:00PM

Plenary Session 4: A New World Economic Order: What It Means for Asia (Ciragan Ballroom)

This session will feature panelists who, in light of the rising protectionism among major economies which is seen to threaten the developing world, will examine and share their views on how to define new aspects of the new world economic order, and how opportunities and threats of this new era of populist backlash should be identified and addressed.

Bozkurt Aran – Director, Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV), Former Turkish Ambassador to the WTO
Bryan Clark - Director, Trade and International Affairs, Australian CCI
Tetsuhide Mikamo – Advisor, Marubeni Research Institute
Dr. Pedram Soltani - First Vice President of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines & Agriculture

Session Chairman/Moderator:
Güven Sak - Managing and Area Studies Program Director (TEPAV)

05:15PM – 06:30PM

90th CACCI Council Meeting (Enderun Ballroom)




Gala Dinner 

- Formal Handover Ceremony for Incoming CACCI President
- Announcement of CACCI Awards Winners
- Video Presentation by 2019 CACCI Conference Host

Optional Post-Conference Tour

Departure of delegates